Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baby in Hat

Had 2 seconds to sketch while big sister was at swim class. Didn't get to finish hand. Big sister already crying that she didn't know where her mommy was by the time I got into the locker room. Poor girl.
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Monday, December 10, 2007

A show!

Kidogo will be making an appearance on Friday night, December 14, in Northampton Massachusetts.
5-8 booksigning and opening at the Old Courthouse Gallery at 99 Main Street.
The other illustrious artists participating are Alissa Imre Geis, Anna Alter, Grace Lin, Kelly Murphy, and possibly Meghan McCarthy (although she may have had to bow out).
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And some gratuitous baby photos...

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We're going to the zoo-oo-oo..

My boy and I went to the zoo on Sunday for a class. It was called Winter Wonderland, and the kids learned about adaptations that animals have for living in the cold.

We visited the Grizzlies. Did you know they only hibernate if their foodsource becomes scarce in the winter? If they have plenty of food, they don't hibernate.

This was another boy in the class.
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