Friday, November 16, 2007

Emily Brown

The Bettime Review Board (that is... me and the kids) loves this book.
You have to read it. It's fantastic and cute! And it looks like there might be a sequel too.

Couldn't find a website for Cressida, but Neal Layton's is, fairly obviously, at
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Phyllis Harris was kind enough to remind me about my baby sketches again!
I must be lazy. I guess if there's noone making me do it, I just won't. Wow.
Anyway. I like these much better. And they even look like her. Yes, she's that cute.
I think 10 minutes isn't enought time to draw. It's just enough time to start getting warmed up.
But I like drawing without the pressure of having to post it regardless of how crummy it is... I couldn't take the pressure!
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Sunday, November 04, 2007

BabyDay 9

all righty. I think I've just about had enough of this baby obligation thing. I think it's less fun for me to draw, knowing that whatever I draw needs to go out on my blog. Maybe it makes me freeze up. So if it's not fun, I'm not gonna do it any more. Maybe I'll still post some baby sketches... but only if I feel like it. So there.
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baby hands

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BabyDay 8

From yesterday.
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Friday, November 02, 2007

BabyDay 7

These were ok I guess. They are from yesterday. Didn't quite get around to it today - although maybe I still will.
I am exhausted. The big brother was home all week on vacation and we had some fun times, but now I'm tired.

The funniest thing about babies is that their features just seem so malleable. Look at her mouth. It's just squishy. Also... they are bald. At least mine are.

This is what the big kids were up to yesterday when I was doing my sketch-a-day...

Sometimes after you get going it's hard to stop. When I finished my sketches I was tired and the kids were hungry. We had "breakfast for dinner" (waffles).
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