Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Fringe

My friends Jim and Michael are in The Fringe!
That's a big fancy schmancy theater festival in New York.
Their play is called Extraordinary Rendition and I was treated to a little sneak preview one deep dark night when I took some photos for their website and publicity.
It's edgy and intense. And you can go see it in August.
Check out
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

The last of the zoo sketches.

... for now.
polar bear

I love how his big feet stick out like a little sleeping baby's.
I don't think you'd want to give him a pacifier.
I did all these earlier this summer. Noel went to camp at the Bronx Zoo for a week and I stuck around a little bit on a few days to draw. Haven't been able to do that in a while and it was rejuvenating.
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More zoo sketches.

African wild dog
We spent some time living in East Africa back in the day, and actually saw these guys in the wild while on a trip to Zimbabwe. They are very rare and quite spectacular in the wild. The ones we saw had pups. And there were a couple of researchers out trying to dart them. Fun stuff.
I found them tricky to draw though. They don't stay still too much and they have a very odd shape. Not like regular doggy dogs.
Would love to go to Madagascar.

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How do you get to...

... be an illustrator for the exhibits at the Bronx Zoo?
If anyone knows how you get to do that, let me know.
That's my dream job of the moment...
(left arm is folded so left hand tucks up under her head. Right hand is holding right foot. And left foot is back behind right leg where you can't see it - of course for all you Bronx Zoo recruiters out there, I would neaten this up a bit in the final drawing.)
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