Friday, November 16, 2007

Phyllis Harris was kind enough to remind me about my baby sketches again!
I must be lazy. I guess if there's noone making me do it, I just won't. Wow.
Anyway. I like these much better. And they even look like her. Yes, she's that cute.
I think 10 minutes isn't enought time to draw. It's just enough time to start getting warmed up.
But I like drawing without the pressure of having to post it regardless of how crummy it is... I couldn't take the pressure!
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Phyllis Harris said...

These are really beautiful Anik. What a sweet profile she has... I'm happy if I somehow got you sketching again because I always enjoy seeing your work but no pressure here. Like I said, I don't know how you ever find time!

Andy J Smith illustration said...

These are a couple real beaut's! Great expression! Babies are hilarious! The bottom sketch is great! Such fluent lines!

Anik said...

Thanks Andy! Love your stuff! Very fun.

... And yet again, it looks like I've fallen behind in my sketching duties. December is a bit busy. But I'll try to put some things up tonight maybe... we'll see.