Thursday, November 13, 2008


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Anonymous said...

Hey Anik!

My daughter is a graphic designer and told me she was a picture of on a design website of a lady with a pyr shep who had an unusual first name, Anik.

I can't imagine anyone else but you that fit that description. How is Zephyr doing? How are you doing?

I met you at a pyr shep national in canada one year with my then puppy, Mayday.

I really enjoyed viewing your work, thank you for putting this up on a webiste for everyone to enjoy.

Kat Lemar

Gordon Pritchard said...

Wonderful work.
I don't know if there was an influence, however, the drawings of babies reminds me of the drawings of JH Dowd from the '30s ( )
BTW, you mentioned having trouble with show through when scanning from your sketchbooks. Just put a piece of black paper behind the sketch and that will eliminate show through when you scan it.
Best, gordon

Anik said...

Hi Kat,
I'm just looking through these posts and rediscovered your comment. I remember you and Mayday! It's funny how things connect. I was just going to put up a post about Zephyr. I'm sad to say she died just a month ago of really sudden and really awful cancer. I was just going to put up a few pictures of her. My dog Moxie is still doing well, though I think he's really lost without her. He doesn't seem to know what to do with himself and hates to leave me for even a minute now. But it's good to hear from you. I'd like to reconnect with all the pyrshep people I know one of these days. Thanks for the comment on my work! Hopefully we'll meet up again one of these days.

Anik said...

Hi Gordon,
I went to your website and I love your work. And I loved the link you sent of those sketches - they are absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the high praise!! What's more, I tried the scanning tip you gave me and it works wonderfully. Thanks for all the good stuff!

Kat Lemar said...

Anik - would love to get back in contact. I lost my beloved aussie to cancer last year. I miss him every day and am still lost without his gentle soul.

I do have a younger pyr shep, he is a little over 18 months and is NOTHING like Mayday. He's confident, outgoing and very funny.

Please feel free to contact me at: whenever you get around to it.

Kat Lemar