Thursday, May 23, 2013

RoadTrip part 2

You may remember way way long ago, last month, I was posting about our adventure of a road trip to South Carolina. Well, here's how it all finished up...

Day 6  Daytrip to Charleston.

We went down to Charleston for the day. What a beautiful town! And we enjoyed it immensely. I'm afraid, though, that we did not do it justice. There was so much there to do. We wandered around and enjoyed the scenery. And we took a carriage ride tour. And got ice cream. A good day out!

The girls favorite part of the whole vacation was opening and closing the gate.
This was usually Carys' special project. But sometimes Solenn joined in.

 Along the way we found some of last years cotton fields. I was so excited I pulled over on the side of the road and made everyone get out to look. The kids were less impressed. I may have even received an eye roll or two.

They were much more impressed with the roadkill I stopped to show them. I'm not in the habit of stopping to show the kids roadkill. But this time I had to. It was a giant wild boar. The size of a bear. I swear. Didn't get any eye rolls on that one!

But cotton: booooriiing.

The horse behind us on line at the carriage ride.
Sorry. Not many pictures today! All pictured out.

Day 7 coming up shortly...


jeannie brett said...

we need a photo of the wild boar!!!
enjoy your posts.

Anik said...

I didn't take a picture of it!!! I SO should have! :)