Friday, May 18, 2012

Le Prince Tigre

Solenn brought home a book from her school's library the other day that was wonderful and magical. I wanted to share it, but discovered on my amazon/library book search there don't seem to be english language versions available. It's a beautiful book. I suggest you find a non-english version and check it out even if you can't read the words.

It seems to be available in French and Spanish and Chinese. And if you happen to be an editor or a publisher, I think you should aquire the rights and have it printed here in English! I think that would be a good idea.

It's about a village being terrorized by a tiger and about the prince who is sent off to live with the tigre so she won't be so crabby any more. It is lovely. The illustrations and the story.

It's written and illustrated by Jiang Hong Chen. I was familiar with many of his books, but not this one. So if you can't find le prince tigre. Get one of his other ones instead.

Here's a you tube video I found of him painting:

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