Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Painting Class

So I've been taking a portrait painting class now at the Rye Arts Center for a bit more than a year now. It has been amazing and refreshing and exciting and frustrating and challenging to go back to oil painting (I like to call it "real painting") after 10 years or more of being away. This is my latest painting, and I can't believe it, but I'm proud of it!

My teacher is Ismael Checo an amazing teacher and a fabulous painter.
He painted this portrait of my daughter last year when she was on vacation from school one day and came with me to class. And gave the finished work to her as a gift. It makes me happy every day! And she will never forget the day she sat for us.

painting by Ismael Checo


Albert Cash said...

You’re really blessed with artistic hands, Anik.Looking at this stunning portrait, I can say that you are really good in highlighting the striking parts of facial features. I agree with you, you really have an excellent mentor in your painting class. The brilliance of an art teacher can also be reflected with the fabulous works of his students.

Anik said...

Thanks very much Albert! Those are very kind words.