Thursday, March 28, 2013

More exciting news!

I now have a Favicon!!!!

Also known as I now have oneofthosefunnylittlepicturesthatgoesupinthebrowsertabswiththenameofmywebpage!

I can't tell you how excited this makes me and I have no idea why!

So exciting. Here is is:

Impressive, right?!

Even more impressive... it's a "multi-resolution favicon"!

Now I know you must be really impressed.

If it's a "multi-resolution favicon" that means if there's just a tiny bit of space it will show up tiny, but with a little more space it will look bigger. And it will look good at different sizes- all the way from small to teensy tiny.

You should see it in the tab at the top of my blog! Let me know if it works! I also put it on my website, so you should see it on the tab at the top of my website too:

First I tried to make it myself. I used these webpages to figure it out:

I discovered it was very difficult to make a tiny-little-image-so-small-you-can-barely-see-it look good. I spent several hours (days?) working on it and then gave up and went here:

I downloaded SimplyIcon and then dragged and dropped, and voila: instant magic multi-resolution favicon!

Further instructions for making your own multi-resolution favicon (yes, I like saying that) by hand on photoshop can be found here:

I gave up after following the directions on how to use SimplyIcon.

OK... Now I want to see all those multi-resolution favicons everyone's making after reading this!!! Favicon away! I do think it should be a verb now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anik!

This looks to be for a PC. Did you download this program to a MAC?


Anik said...

Oh shoot!! I'm a pc user. Shocking, isn't it!? Ugh. It doesn't work on a mac? I'll look for something for macs and put it up here if I find it. But I won't be able to test it. Let me know if you find a good one and I'll add it on here!

Thanks Martha!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anik,

I'm still a PC gal at heart, but three years ago I bought a Macbook, and then an Imac. Macs have their virtues, but there are a LOT of art programs that aren't Mac friendly.

I don't know why Macs have the reputation for being more artist friendly than PCs. They're certainly not starving artist friendly, all things Mac are 2x more expensive than for PCs!!

Martha B

Anonymous said...

I'm not know that right Anik? It's me, Martha Bradshaw, Sadie's mom!