Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Day 8 Books on Broad

The day started with a story hour at the fantabulous Books on Broad!

Check out their website at


(Photo by Laurie Funderburk- Thanks Laurie!)

Laurie Funderburk (bookstore proprietor and South Carolina state representative!) invited me to come and read to a few kids at her new bookstore, and it was a wonderful morning. The bookstore was gorgeous and inviting. The kids were sparkling. Laurie was amazing.

And it was a cozy way to finish up our stay in Camden. Yes, sad but true. We had to leave.

We had lunch with Laurie and Mary at a The Every Day Cafe (a terrific little place), packed up our camp (I'm making that sound like a dainty event, but it was a monster of a job), and headed on our way back north!

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