Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Anyone missing a homing pigeon lately?!

We found this today at Noel's baseball game.

Does it belong to you?

Send me an email!

It was sitting just on the inside of the outfield fence. I was setting up my little canvas chair just on the outside of the fence. I looked up and he was just staring at me. Not frightened at all. Just sitting there. And I had Moxie with me, maybe a foot or two away from him. He was huge. And very clean. And all by himself. No other pigeons around. Something made me think there's something a little different about this pigeon. Then I noticed the band on his leg. So I thought... maybe he belongs to someone.

But I was on the wrong side of the fence.

Noel was warming up with his team on the inside of the fence.

So I call him over. And I say- Go pick up that pigeon. And he says- What???
And I say- Go pick up that pigeon. I think he might be tame. As he gets closer I suggest he might have better success if he puts down the baseball mitt. So Noel puts down his mitt and walks over and gives a few shaky attempts to pick up the pigeon. And after strike 3, he (the pigeon, not Noel) flies off to a nearby house.

But a normal wild pigeon wouldn't give you three chances to pick him up. He wouldn't let you anywhere near him.

So I go walk around to the house where he flew. I ring the bell. No answer. I walk around the side of the house, and find the bird in a little alcove leading into a basement door. He's just sitting there. So I pick him up.

I ring the door of the house again. The lady comes to the door. But doesn't speak english. I show her the pigeon. She's pretty sure I'm a crazy person. I don't think he belongs to her.

So we bring him home.

And name him Nigel.

And look up the band on his leg.

It's a homing pigeon.

Solenn is in love.

We looked up information about homing pigeons.

Check out 

I think Nigel is a girl.

Solenn renamed her Athena.

I think she's associated with a homing pigeon club in Hicksville.

I'll send them an email in the morning.

In the meantime, if you know anyone who's missing their homing pigeon, let me know!!

ps. For all authors, librarians, editors and teacher--Sorry about the mixed up tenses.

pps. Yes, I still need to post about the rest of our road trip. Sorry about that. I'm easily distracted. By pigeons. I'll get around to it.

edit: This is the information on her tag- IF EMC 2013 715

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