Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Roadtrip with the SnickerDoodles Day 1

Yes, we're on a road trip!

We're already on Day 4, but here's what we did on day 1...

Amish country in Pennsylvania!
We visited the Amish Farm and House. The kids had a lesson with Teacher Kate in the one room school house.

And were intrigued by Chris the whittler who whittled flowers for them and showed them how to whittle a little rooster from a stick.

Next stop was Abe's Buggy Rides.
Earl was our driver. We chatted about horses, cell phones, technology, lifestyles, and family. Fantastic little adventure.

And then a quick stop at Gettysburg. Wish we'd had longer! You could spend days here. It was fascinating.

And then on to Virginia...

Photos are from my iPhone and unedited!

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